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Tips for Getting Fit:

Do something you enjoy
Do it regularly!
Make it social so its Fun!

If there’s nothing you think you enjoy then explore and have a go at something new. Don't try to get fit in a week, getting fit can take time.

Do your exercise regularly. Once we’ve beat the inertia to get out it’s very difficult not to over do it and I’m always frustrated when people get injured because they haven’t given themselves time to build up the fitness.

Go gently
Go slower
Go less far
Go for less time

Most beneficial exercise is at a lower heart rate so don’t think you need to race or push yourself too hard and get really out of breath. Don’t do exercise in a frenzy!

Jeremy English is offering Free 'Back Fit' Checks throughout February if you want to discuss any issues or concerns about starting any new exercise. And if you need a New Years energy boost, he's also raving about a marine phytoplankton supplement he's using for detox. Order yours at our friends: Plankton for Health